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He usually uses the glide. I decided to pronounce it like that as well once, but my friend laughed at me, so I reverted back to my old pronunciation of kyoopon.

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For the people that pronounce it as "coop on", how does the other pronunciation kyoopon sound to you? I know that for me, "coop on" sounds a little weird. In fact there's another language forum that I'm on, Unilang, where somebody said that his friends thought he was weird because he used the with-glide pronunciation.

So there might be pockets of variation throughout the country, where one or the other form is more common. But the with-glide pronunciation is the innovative pronunciation, and the less common one overall. It rhymes with "tour", for example.

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The person I mentioned on Unilang comes from one of the close states, so his account his family using the glide and most of his peers not using it sort of makes sense. On the restmight well be that you are right, esp. Never heard 'biling'Ual'. Stressing it on the penultimate is something I shouldn't consider wrong, but I don't remember hearing it. If so, the register wouldn't fit the w , and it would have a full syllable there.

I've certainly heard bilingual with four syllables though three might be more common. The word almost always has initial stress, and otherwise the stress is on -al- only in an attributive position. Hmm, that unrounded low back vowel in coupon didn't come out how I intended it, don't know what happened there Perhaps the yodful "coupon"'s currency is related to a lower awareness of French, and French reading-rules, in the US, while the yodful Spanish loanwords in BrE are likewise related to a lower awareness of Spanish there.

Well, it depends on which Houston you mean. I am not convinced that the pronunciation of "coupon" with ju is predominant in AmE. There is probably a variation by region and social class. MKR The Coupon Song with ju: pronunciation at least in the versions I've heard was a popular song in an idiom geared to to White Southerners and migrants of Southern origin. To me this suggests a pretty widespread pronunciation. I don't know when the song was written but it it was recorded as early as Bill Monroe recorded it in Perhaps the yodful "coupon"'s currency is related to a lower awareness of French, and French reading-rules, in the US, Sounds plausible, but by the same argument you'd expect the BrE and AmE pronunciations of "herb" to be the other way around.

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BrE and AmE did the restoration differently. I was startled -- it sounded like a mistake. I asked my Ann Arbor friends; some say it that way and some don't. No doubt the rise of the yodless pronunciation in the US is due to the increasing knowledge and awareness of Spanish. But how can it be universally of spelling pronunciation origin if it only applies to French words?

I've never heard them from native English speakers. Duchesse: It's a spelling pronunciation according to my hypothesis when applied to words of non-French origin. Some people may distinguish "puma" the New World big cat from "Puma" the German sports brand with a puma logo.

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A Germanised pronunciation for the latter is not implausible. I'm a Canadian who has only said "puma" and has most-often, but not always, heard it here with j. My partner who's lived primarily in eastern Michigan, NYC, and Chicago reports the same, and I'm extremely confident that in neither of our cases has selective attention played a major role.

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Unavoidably, general dictionaries are rather more prescriptive about pronunciations than about definitions and usage: until very recent years, they have not had decent-sized speech corpora to work from. I'm the reverse of Justin: raised in North Carolina and living in the Midwest. I've since found people from Illinois are very resistant to this pronunciation, even though it seems standard elsewhere.

Personally, I'll stick with the Smothers Brothers.

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I realize this is two years old. Such a nice information about my search i am working these type of work Great post, thanks a lot for sharing Puma Discount Voucher Codes. Monday, 27 February puma. Some people call it a cougar, some call it a catamount, panther, or mountain lion.

A Canadian lady I was talking to the other day, who was telling me about the hazards of hiking in the Pacific Northwest, called it a puma, and this is also its usual name in Britain. It would be most unusual to pronounce it Spanish-style with no j. Posted by John Wells at Justin 27 February at John Wells 27 February at Jason Reid 27 February at MKR 27 February at Anonymous 27 February at Ellen K. Stephen Bryant 27 February at David Crosbie 27 February at That's Brougham pronounced 'broom.

I know. I can't work that one out either. Bantam, Practice transcribing by writing each pronunciation in phonemic transcription. After you have done the transcription, discuss the varying pronunciations and the characteristics you associate with each pronunciation.

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What factors age, race, gender, class, ethnicity, education, etc. Are there some words for which you adopt the pronunciation of the person you're speaking with? Wadsworth, Routledge, Miller, and Tenena M. Guilford Press, For example, listeners will often not hear, or not seem to hear, a speech error or deliberate mispronunciation in ordinary conversation , but will notice those same errors when instructed to listen for mispronunciations see Cole, Wiley-Blackwell, Though it may pain some to hear it, let the record show that BAY-nul is the variant preferred by most authorities including me.

It is, therefore, one of the few words in English that would appear to be impossible of mispronunciation. Four of the six major current American dictionaries now list buh-NAL first.